September 28, 2023 - 7:53:59 pm
A Play Within a Play: Our Own Thoughts

By: Lance Kirby M. Ami / The Dominican Gazette

We all recalled our moments when we were a child, a moment when our mind was too pure for the world, too clean to understand, too subtle to realize how the earth revolves. But as we grow older, we are exposed to a world full of predicaments, predicaments, stress, and decisions that impact the way we envision life as children. Decisions and rationality, a never-ending verbatim to maturity. 

We are puppets or marionettes, in which our decisions are our strings. Strings that control our movements; tell how we perceive our future, bond with our actions and intellect. It serves as the medium that takes over our own decisions; how it processes, perceives, and acts with information. To exert our motivation, intelligence, or thought that gives the drive to move the strings to express ourselves and manage our decisions, the mastermind of our own identity.. 


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Marionettes get damaged, and so do we. Once our intellect gets damaged, our whole mechanism shuts down. Motivation for movement, drive for capacity, compulsivity, extreme sadness, sudden nervousness, the list goes on. Our mental health is the brain of mechanism, after all, the stability to our system, our puppeteer. 

Different damages, different outcomes, different actions, different consequences. Anxiety, the most common damage shared around the world affecting 18.1% of the population in the US alone, is a mental disorder that causes extreme nervousness, sudden nervous breakdowns, uneasiness, a constant fear. A tremble in our strings, a play with a million staring eyes. 


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Depression, another damage affecting approximately 280 million people worldwide, is a mental disorder that has contributed to why suicide is the 4th leading cause of death in ages ranging from 15-19 years old, an atrocious contribution to approximately 700 000 suicidal deaths annually. Symptoms range from a feeling of emptiness, long-lasting burnouts, lack of motivation, irritation, loss of pleasure to hobbies, lack of routine, and even suicide. Loss of motivation in a play. A downfall in performance. 


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Bipolar Disorders, another damage affecting one in a hundred people in the US alone, is a mental disorder that is often mistaken for depression, a mental disorder that causes related to depressive episodes vice versa. It also causes indecisiveness, racing thoughts, fast speaking, inattentiveness, and even delusions. Multiple performances in a play, a play with multiple genres.


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Laziness, burnout, nervousness, uneasiness, fear, sadness, anger are also counted as damage to our intellect. Though it is minor, it can still affect our overall mechanism from motivation to stability. These traits and can also be symptoms of a mental disorder.

Anxiety, depression, and bipolar disorders; a list of common mental disorders. Eating disorders are abnormal eating habits, paranoia, delusion from reality, obsessive-compulsive disorder, great attention to detail, perfectionism, and strict habits. Post-traumatic stress disorder, disorder deriving from traumatic experiences, and more as mental disorders. These disorders can also affect and alter your entire identity. 

Help is always available, from family, friends, and peers to counseling and therapy, don’t be afraid to be your breakthrough. After all, we choose what we play and strive for what we want, learning to know our limits. And remember that life is never fair, never strive for perfection, and lead our narrative