January 27, 2023 - 7:10:37 am
Absolute Memories: A Part of Dominican History

By: Lance Kirby M. Ami / The Dominican Gazette

Learning is the first word that comes to mind when we hear the word "school." But if asked about our favorite memory, answers vary from unacademic events from intramurals, socialization nights, foundation weeks, battle of the bands, to semester breaks. "Our school is our second home." A phrase we all heard at least once. After all, we have spent more time at school rather than in our own homes. But today, at present times, the school can no longer be called a second home. The new educational norm brought by the pandemic has caused schools to be about learning. Seemingly, all days are repetitive, nothing to look forward to except for weekends and holidays. School is very far from what we used to have. From intramurals, socialization nights, foundation weeks, battle of the bands, Buwan ng Wika, and Nutrition month to webinars and modular activities. 

Competitiveness and raging spirits of Dominican students, a clash of sports celebrated by blood, sweat, and tears, Intramurals. One of the most highly anticipated events among students, classified as what makes a school year whole. A competition of volleyball, basketball, badminton, chess, and table tennis; the competition of sports ranking among other sections, the all-time high event for most students. Intramurals are not sports but are also a competition amongst selected candidates as Mr. and Ms. Intramurals, and the marching of students along with the drum and liar and trucks with the selected candidates. 

Breathtaking costumes, a presentation of performance for selected candidates, United Nations is the presentation of different nations introduced by performances and costumes, an event as a reminder for diversity and cultural differences. 

A night at school, dressed informality, presented with a marvelous dinner and table for your group, a romantic night of dancing, a party among students and facilitators. Socialization night, a night where we forget that we are students. A week worth of practice for an unforgettable performance, a night where students get to be themselves. A remarkable memory that will be remembered and told for years and years to come. 

A week full of enjoyment, booths, memories, and an academically free institution, a week based on fun. Foundation Week, a week of talent showcasing, parade, food, booths, music, and festive performances; the unforgettable weeks we will treasure in our memory. 

An event also celebrated at night, the staple event of Dominican College of Tarlac celebrated at the foundation week, the competition of elegance, confidence, knowledge, and talent. Mr. and Ms. DCT Coronation Night, a populated night at the covered court. Cheering and competition to every candidate, a night-long entertainment and thrill among students, and a high for candidates, the crowd described chaotic in a good way, ecstatic, and energetic; an A heartwarming night, full of energy, chorus, the united event happens on the night of foundation week. Benefit Concert, where well-known bands perform at the stage of Dominican College of Tarlac to Chocolate Factory and SUD to Parokya ni Edgar, personally one of my most anticipated events here at DCT, and the ecstatic crowd filled with familiar faces, a concert as a family. 

Life is all about making memories and new experiences. Schools such as Dominican College of Tarlac have made it abundantly necessary for students. A significant loss to pause for these new memories because of the pandemic. Memories that will be re-lived for years to come, memories we will tell our children one day, memories that will accompany us for the rest of our lives, learn to cherish every memory, for life can change in a blink of an eye.