January 27, 2023 - 6:26:50 am
Chess: A never forgotten heritage

By: Vonne Joseph Mallari / The Dominican Gazette


Photo by Damiano Lingauri on Unsplash

Board games have come far beyond the past. The Royal Game of Ur, the most established playable table game on the planet was determined around 4600 years prior. The rules of the game were written by a Babylonian astronomer in a cuneiform tablet in 177 BC. Chess meanwhile originated in India around the 6th century and spread through Asia, the Middle East and to Europe. Chess is one of the most seasoned and most well-known prepackaged games. It is played by two people on a checkerboard with the pieces usually white and dark. The goal of the game is to catch the adversary's best. 

Just like any other sport, chess does have sets of rules. All the time, the player who got to play white always takes the first move. Following that, the players' swap turns according to predetermined rules, with each player seeking to checkmate the opponent's main piece, the King. Checkmate is a situation in the game wherein the King of the player is constrained straight by another player's piece. 

While other sports require physical exertion as the main part to inevitably win the game, chess requires mental exertion as players think of strategies and counter moves against their opponent. Despite it being a hard sport to make a strategy to beat the opponent, it still has its benefits. According to Health Fitness Revolution, some benefits of playing chess are; it promotes mental growth, chess is a game that challenges the brain. It can also prevent Alzheimer’s -- is the most well-known sort of dementia. It is an ever-evolving illness starting with gentle cognitive decline and perhaps prompting loss of the capacity to carry on a discussion and react to the climate. 

Today, chess can also be played digitally. As technology advances, more games or sports are coming to the digital world. Giving people the ability to play sports without physically exerting effort but just with a touch of a finger. Due to the unforeseen events that took place, sports tournaments have been given a halt during the time that people need to stay in their homes because of the pandemic. Sports competitions in the same category as chess have been able to adjust by moving digitally for the athletes to take part in national competitions while sitting safely in their homes. 

During the development of chess, it still survived all these years. Because many people play it, it doesn’t disappear like other sports that are forgotten over time. It has given us history and pride over all these years, and we sure want it to stay as a game that we could have fun and compete in.