January 27, 2023 - 7:12:51 am
DCT-SHS Organizations are back for S.Y. 2021-2022

By: Ethan Janzen C. Cenizal / The Dominican Gazette

“For School Year 2021-2022, Senior High School (SHS) organizations are back in this new setup for students as part of the Acculturation Week last August 11, 2021. These organizations aim to enhance their skills and have a temporary escape from academics. 

There will be different organizations available that will cater to everyone’s interests. For Departmental Organizations: DCT-SHS Supreme Student Government (SSG), DCT-SHS The Alliance of Language Speakers and Debate Society (TALAS-DS), DCT-SHS Social and Philosophical Association (SoPhiA), DCT-SHS Young Dominikano Entrepreneur Organization (YDEO), and. DCT-SHS Wizard. For Institutional Organizations, there are Dominican Multimedia and Integrated Network Organization (DOMINO), DCT Campus Journalism (Digital Publication), and DCT Student Emergency and Response Team (SERT). 

Justice and Peace, Ecological Integrity, Engaged Citizenship, Poverty Alleviation, Gender Equality, and Youth Empowerment Advocates (JEEPGY Advocates), is a newly introduced advocate organization under the care of DCT Community Extension Services. It aims to fulfill its advocacies to help the people and the community. 

As an SHS student, having organizations really helped me to be able to socialize with other people and learn more information beyond the classes that I have.“ said Ms. Ashanti M. Rivera (STEM 12 Governor). She also stated that the SHS department brought the organizations back to give the students a chance to breathe from academics. “In the SHS SSG Constitution and By-Laws under Article IV, Section 1. The SHS-SSG shall have the power which emanates from the student body, it should be autonomous, unified, and the highest democratic representative of the student body,” said Ma’am Lucille Arce, SSG Adviser. 

Moreover, Ma’am Lucille stated that even if there will be no SSG or organizations, students’ concerns are still being heard. However, having a concrete organization where they can consult so that their concerns will be heard even better is still different. s. 

According to Ma’am Hazel Jaos, adviser of TALAS-DS, the goals of the organization is to build a developed and enriched academic/speech community in pakikipagtalastasan with the spectrum of issues, to different personalities, while thriving in various situations bounded by Dominikano values; and to form a community dedicated to free speech, discussion, and the development of argumentative and reasoning skills. 

Sir Essel Angelo Macalino, the adviser of SophiA, said that SoPhiA envisions an intellectual community anchored with the love of wisdom by an endless pursuit for truth. And their mission is to engage students in living out a sense of wonder, critical thinking, rigor, and intellectual humility that can guide and support them in their social and moral endeavors. 

Moreover, according to Sir Edgar B. Castro, adviser of YDEO, the main objective of the said organization is to harness the entrepreneurial skills of student-entrepreneurs by immersing them in facilitating their own busines

According to Sir Ricky M. Calara, adviser of DCT-SHS Wizard, the vision of DCT-SHS Wizard is that the DCT-SHS Wizard is a student organization in the Dominican College of Tarlac that envisions excellence and competitiveness among students in the academic field and technology. And its mission aims to develop students’ ability to compete in different academic-related competitions.