January 27, 2023 - 6:09:12 am
Learning between the screens

By: Stephanie G. Tizon / Managing Editor


Image by Lawrence Agustin via https://www.unicef.org/philippines/stories/providing-youth-second-chance-complete-their-education-amid-covid-19

Virtual learning is what we consider as the “new normal” of today ever since the pandemic started last March 2020. Others say that virtual learning is one of the best that has happened in their lives. But was it really the best? First of all, this virtual learning setup is just an alternative for face-to-face learning. The traditional face-to-face classes may be old but still be considered gold, especially for the students nowadays. 

According to UNICEF (2021), all students deserve to go back to school to properly learn and develop their characteristics as a person in this world of society. Although there are still some conflicts as to why virtual learning is still being used for almost a year and eventually two years, for it is too dangerous to risk the lives of the young ones towards the deadly virus of COVID-19. 


Once again, approximately 77 million students succumbed to the learning deathtrap from 18 months into the pandemic. Whereas, according to the analysis of UNICEF (2021), Bangladesh, the Philippines, and Panama are among the countries that have kept virtual learning the longest, leaving some other countries to finally reopen their schools for the sake of the children's learning. An estimated total of 131 million students in 11 countries missed more than three-quarters of their in-person learning. 27% of the countries worldwide are still in the debt of schools still being closed for the meantime, more on the longest time. 


According to Rebecca Koenig (2019), a total of 70% of students are in need and hoping to go back to face-to-face learning so that they get right back on track. Students are also having a hard time coping and maintaining their composure in this virtual setup, not just students but also teachers.


Image by Jojo Riñoza via https://philippines.licas.news/2020/08/17/philippine-private-schools-to-start-online-classes-this-month/

Trying to sustain their grades through online classes and activities may lead to unfairness towards those who lack gadgets, a not-so-friendly home atmosphere, low internet connection, time management, etc. 


Our generation, especially the youth, is now in need of face-to-face learning. Adapting virtual learning is a can-do for the students but not sustainable to stay like this forever. The students deserve all the learning materials, the group works, studying experiences, and more.