January 27, 2023 - 6:03:58 am
Legacy in the Stars: Sir Edwin De Leon

By: Lance Kirby M. Ami / The Dominican Gazette

One of the most questioned aspects of life, death, an inevitable occurrence, the unfair recognition of life. “Life is short.” is a statement around the world. A phrase nullified by our everyday life, fulfilled by our realization. A phrase for daily motivation, identified by different views. 


Life is based on decisions. If you think about it, every single decision that we have made in our life has contributed to where what and why we are here today. An uncanny timeline between yourself and the future that awaits. But what is the use of decisions as a medium to control life? If life is indeed unexpected, variables such as time and random occurrences took part in how we perceive our future, random happenings that can change a life in a blink of an eye. 


52 years of life service, nineteen thousand one hundred- and sixty-days’ worth of dedication, life as a living inspiration. Sir Edwin De Leon, philosophy and theology educator, the former office of student affairs born on the 21st of November 1968 who have passed away on the 16th of May 2021, a duty fulfilled, a demise each of the Dominican students share. Father of three sons, Luis De Leon, Justin Joshua De Leon, Christian De Leon, and daughter, Patricia Ann De Leon, husband of a wonderful wife, Mary Ann Briones De Leon, also a Theology educator. 


“Knowledge, wisdom, and passion for truth.” A line every Dominican student grew up on. Concrete goals of greatness, a goal that Sir Edwin De Leon and every facilitator taught students, the perseverance of our title as Dominicans, our title as a part of our journey, our title as a part of our future. 


 “Life is short.” Indeed. But life doesn’t have to be short to make great memories and legacies fulfilled by every living lifetime. Legacies and memories that shaped an immeasurable number of students, peers, family, and fellow educators, a legacy left by our one and only Sir Edwin De Leon. 


Sir Edwin De Leon’s time may have ended, but his memory will be remembered. Not only to his family and friends but to an immeasurable number of students and peers, your knowledge and wisdom will never perish. It is our honor and our pride to be a part of your legacy. 

“Life is short.” Life is indeed short, but our only goal is to strive and fulfill our duty. We, Dominicans, will continue to raise our voice; as a part of your commitment and legacy. To strive with your given knowledge, to learn and grow like your journey. A life of knowledge, wisdom, and passion. It is an honor for us to be a part of your time and family as Dominicans. 


Thank you, Sir Edwin De Leon, for your service. May your soul finally rest in peace