January 27, 2023 - 6:59:04 am
Schoology App: An Open Room for Engagement and Excellence

By: Nadine Denise N. Baluyut / The Dominican Gazette

Online learning has been the talk of the town ever since the opening of classes in the pandemic has, especially towards the students. Since physical learning has been prohibited due to COVID-19, members of institutions such as teachers and students had a huge adjustment, specifically in their learning resources and applications that could help them provide and receive a quality education. 

In line with the pandemic, institutions that are not allowing face to face classes continue to utilize different applications, websites, and online platforms in order to conduct online learning and help students receive the proper education they deserve. As for the Dominican College of Tarlac, it utilized Schoology for the Senior Highschool and College Department. It is an online learning system that has a wide range of features for students and educators. Learning has been made easier and more engaging through this app. 

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Established in 2007 by Jeremy Friedman, Ryan Hwang, and Tim Trinidad, undergraduates at the University of St. Louis at that time. Schoology is an app that allows teachers or educators to organize curriculum, arrange lessons per semester or quarter, and assess students through examinations and activities. Through public or private discussion conferences and cross-application cooperation, the online learning system (LMS) platform enables peer collaboration, interaction and to manage their classrooms and connect with other educators around the world. 

Access codes are given to educators to assign tasks, upload announcements, post grades, check attendance, and message their co-educators and even their students. Students can also submit their activities, attend conferences or forums, take examinations, download learning materials, check daily announcements, and even message their facilitators or students. The app has various features in terms of interacting with one another during classes, answering polls, even presenting educational files of all sorts for the purpose of discussions. 

After logging in into the app, teachers can upload the subject assigned to them in the courses where the students can access which students they are taking up in a specific semester or grade level. Students can regularly check updates from each course they enrolled in for their learning materials, such as a copy of their modules, lessons, presentations, and other activities. Another feature of this app that really helps the students keep in track of their deadlines is the reminders at the right side of the site where students can view all the due dates for each activity assigned to them.


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Schoology has indeed become a great help towards the Dominikanos. Not only that it helps them access their learning materials easier, they can also explore different aspects like interacting with other people through group collaborations and other group tasks. In addition, they can build friendships or relationships through this application but its main purpose is to let the students be conversed in discussion groups to analyze assignments, receive their grades, and provide engagements with students and even their parents. 

As the corona virus disease (COVID-19) is still present and its cases are rampant towards most of the countries worldwide, institutions still choose what’s best for their students, educators, and staff. While other schools still utilize different applications, websites, and other online platforms to conduct online learning, it is proper for us to observe proper etiquette when attending classes. At the end of the day, our character is a reflection of what we learn in school, may it be face to face or even online, and how do we apply it in our daily lives.