January 27, 2023 - 2:34:23 am
Standards on Beauty Pageants vs. Standards on Politics; How do Filipinos Scale It?

By: Lexter Kian Pamintuan / Associate Editor

There is only one time when a family gathers to sit and shout at excitement or disappointment in front of their televisions. No, this is not the President’s SONA, neither it is the news, broadcasting corrupt officials, nor for the betterment of our country. It is because of the ongoing beauty pageants such as Miss Universe Philippines and Miss World Philippines. 

It boosts our Filipino Pride when we hear the announcer say “Philippines” when the category of Miss Universe is confirmed. Some cry, some shout, some even lose their senses jumping all over the place, like two positive and negative atoms reacting to each other. And all of us are truly proud. We raise our flag regardless of who you are. Any age, pronouns, gender, or social status. We triumph. 


But it is funny to think that in these aspects, we are always skeptical and critical. If we lose, people always say, ‘we are robbed,’ ‘probably the competition was boiled and cooked,’ and of course, some degrade without even the proper context ‘the winner didn’t deserve it, Eck.’ On the other hand, in politics, we always regard it as if it were a gust of wind that only goes through, but the more people it passes through, the stronger it becomes. To add up, the ‘mosang’ trait of most Filipinos were legitimate, verified news is only second compared to the leading gossip, filtered, and biased news. That’s why our country is still one of the slowest progressing countries, only rich in tourism, but not in unity and political awareness. 


Image by Romeo Ranoco via https://www.nytimes.com/2017/08/08/opinion/the-philippines-contemptuous-politics.html

Politics affect all aspects of our country. From tourism, economy, travel, education, currency, entertainment, freedom of speech, and more. So why do we let these money-hungry and power devouring Politicians buy the vote of the masses, where the money they pay us is incomparable to the money they will launder and corrupt. Most people only vote for famous faces, but no political background or with a political background, but shaded. Influencers are on the top, but not dean’s list, and with overflowing achievements. Whereas it is simple to garner votes by being a comedian or having a charming complex, it is not easy to have political goals and the drive and effort to help the Philippines grow and prosper. 

We always have unreachable standards on who wears the crown but not on who seats and signs on the Malacañang Palace. Yes, the Miss Universe is significant; she impacts, catches the heart, and brings life to every Filipino. However, the President has the power to sign laws, make amendments. They can also start wars and kill other people if not executed well. We should raise the standards in selecting who will sit in power. We should expect more and not set it so low so that every Filipino will win.