January 27, 2023 - 5:24:12 am
Teacher’s Day: Podcast

By: Janna Caguiat / The Dominican Gazette

As a result, the theme for World Teachers' Day this year is "Teachers Opening Doors to a Better World." On the last 5th day of October, they celebrated the Teachers Day Special. The first-ever Episode 1 Podcast: Night Shift with SHS SSG in Dominican College of Tarlac is to express their gratitude to teachers who are giving their best not only for teaching but also for making their students inspired. In every moment that they grant knowledge and thoughts to every student. The heart of public education should be its teachers. Teachers of the world face the task of opening doors to a world of information every day in their classrooms, communities, and homes. Teachers inspire students to reach out and expand their horizons via their efforts and ideas. 

Podcast Link: https://fb.watch/awS04LCjSw/

Teachers have become even more significant in the face of a global pandemic as they figure out how to help pupils adjust to remote learning and adapt to Covid-19 safety standards in their classrooms. Many teachers indicated that they are doing everything they can to make the best of a difficult situation. Good education ensures that we, as a society, have informed and forward-thinking citizens capable of taking on the role of leadership in the future. Chances are, no matter where you are in the world, you had a teacher who had a lasting beneficial impact on your life, someone who helped you finally grasp a difficult concept, or have a learning moment that defined your experience as a student. They have worked individually and collectively to find solutions and develop new learning environments for their students to keep education going. Their involvement in advising on school reopening preparations and assisting students with back to school is crucial. 

Every school has a different way of holding teachers' celebrations. Due to having an online learning experience, the SHS SSG officers at Dominican College of Tarlac decided to celebrate their special day differently by having a podcast for them. Teachers described working full time to construct new lessons from the ground up and restructuring assignments to work in an online environment. Some teachers spent their summer vacation pushing for more coronavirus safety measures in schools and working with institutions to establish the safest reopening plans possible. Others fought for the right to work from home to avoid being exposed to Covid-19. The most crucial factor in a student's success is their teacher. Students would not know or grasp how to go about their lives without the assistance and guidance of teachers. Teachers are the ones that are knowledgeable and caring about their students. The most significant factor in a student's success is their teacher. Students would not know or grasp how to go about their lives without the assistance and advice of teachers. Every student should value and appreciate their teacher. Every day, each teacher makes several sacrifices to assist you.