January 27, 2023 - 5:13:33 am
Yesterday’s memories

By: Cristal Mae R. Publico / The Dominican Gazette

We transitioned from a world where we can breathe through the fresh air freely, without a cloth covering our faces to a never-ending repetitive nightmare. We took our old lives for granted, will we ever get it back? Or will our traditional class experiences be merely recollections?


“Regrets always come in the end” applies to our situation today. We had a big smile on our faces when the suspension of the face-to-face class was announced but little did we know that that was the last day of our freedom. If you knew that our current condition would last for who knows how many years, would you make the most of the school year 2019 to 2020? 

In memory of our second home, school. Let us relive a series of events, our teenage years before it was stolen. Remember those times when, in the morning at class, we constantly check the time because our most-awaited and favorite “subject” is either recess or lunch break.


Image by DCT SHS - Supreme Student Government 


Speaking of, during lunch break some of us eats at a friend’s house, fast food chains near our school, convenience stores like 7-Eleven, or at home where the smell of homemade cooked food hits different but in a pleasant way. During afternoon class, we patiently waited for the clock’s hand to move forward to dismissal time because we had plans to hang out with our friends to eat street foods and talk, catch up with each other’s life or spill tea before going home.

Moving on, our outdoor activities relevant to traditional class like film making or practices for our upcoming roleplay or dance performance, where we usually meet up on weekends midday; it’s so hot and a little movement would cause us to sweat but no matter how tiring our day went, it was fine because it is a win-win situation for us; we get to go on different places with friends while doing it for our academic grades. 

Never forget how we used to wake up at dawn to prepare for the school field trip and of course, to be earlier than anyone and the privilege to pick the window-spot bus seat. While on the subject, was it just from my experience, or was it universal? During the school field trip, some students have a jamming session, eating and sharing snacks, and/or putting their faces so close in the bus window to shout hello to random civilians. Coincidentally, when there’s traffic while we are on our way to our destination and a rented bus from another school is beside us, our classmates will scream in a friendly way for the other students to hear them. .


Image from Dominican College of Tarlac - Senior High School Facebook page 


Now that we think of it, it’s sorrowful and unfortunate how our younger brothers and sisters; their generation, did not get to experience these amusing things that would stay forever in their hearts and minds. If I asked you, what was your favorite memory from the traditional class days, what would it be?